Welcome to the online learning platform of the Rising Lotus Qigong

This is a brand new, interactive, and modern way of learning. It is our hope that this platform will enhance your study of the energetic arts. Within is held some the best information on energetic movement, vitality, and mind training in the world.


Features of the Academy include:

  • Courses designed to take you from a beginner to an advanced practitioner.
  • Knowledge checking highlighting important principles, concepts, and actions.
  • High quality video, audio, and an exclusive online library.
  • Community of members that can interact through our social interaction platform.
  • Forums where instructors, mentors and the founders can answer your questions.
  • Certificates of completion that qualify for full instructor and Medical Qigong certifications.
  • A “Living Body” of energetic wisdom with continual updating of courses as well as new courses.
  • After joining you will have forever access to all subscribed courses for the life of the system.