Christina J Barea-Young

Greetings! and thank you for stopping by to learn more about me.

Since 2003 I have been professionally dedicated to the development of the human potential in it’s physical, emotional and spiritual evolution (jing, qi & shen). I continue to explore mind-body health modalities and am actively participating in founding or collaborating with several significant organizations which respond to the growing need of humanity. I continue to be a writer in my off time.


 Qigong Movements & Martial Arts

The Rising Lotus Qigong is now an internationally recognized center for qigong education. It began with Christina as a studio instructor in California offering classes in parks, corporations, fitness studios and homes; and has now grown into a certifying organization. Please see our company profile page for a full list of places we’ve taught.

Based upon years of experience, I was contacted by Human Kinetics (a large sports publisher) and asked to write Qigong Illustrated, my first book on qigong exercises, which is now an award winning publication. And upon that success, we were contacted by Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting (AIBTV) to film a series of qigong exercises. Season 1 aired in late Spring 2013, Season 2 aired in Spring 2014.  Season 1 is now translated to Spanish for the benefit of our Hispanic friends.

With this passion I have become one of the leading instructors in the USA. I have served on the Board of Directors of the National Qigong Association and served as Chair of the Ethics Committee.

On a personal note, I continue my training in martial arts as it is essential in the development of qigong. I currently learn (as time permits) from well-known instructors in the following arts : qigong, BaguaZhang, Wisdom of the Body, Neigong, and XingYi.

My qigong credentials include:

  • Author, Qigong Illustrated, Silver Nautilus Award recipient
  • Author, 2 Seasons of Qigong on AIBTV Atlanta
  • NQA Certified Level III Qigong Instructor
  • NQA Advanced Qigong Instructor
  • National Qigong Association Board of Directors  (2008-2012)


From very early (around 8) I had an interest in exploring the many facets of religion. What ensued were years of reading about mythology, spirituality, religion, cultural expression and philosophy. Throughout the years, a deeper understanding of myself and the complexities of the human condition evolved. In pursuit of authentic Daoist teachings, I’ve been to China 4 times, and have been blessed with some amazing experiences directly related to Daoism. One particular experience which stands out is my ordination ceremony. It took place in November 2008 at Long Hu Shan, the home of the Celestial Master’s (Tian Shi) lineage, in JiangXi Provence, China. There are honestly no words to describe the impact of this event.

One of the challenges American Daoists face is obtaining quality teachings in the English language. So, I endeavored to translate the required daily scripture from Classical Chinese to English. Now published under the title Scriptures for the Morning & Evening Rites of the Orthodox Oneness, these scriptures have traveled the world opening doors that would otherwise be inaccessible for English speaking natives.

I hold ordination in two lineages from China:

  • Ordained Daoist Priest, Zheng Yi branch, China; 65th Generation Disciple of Celestial Master Daoism
  • Ordained Daoist Priest, Quan Zhen Longmen Pai; 22nd Generation Disciple of Complete Purity Daoism
  • Author, Scriptures for the Morning & Evening Rites of the Orthodox Oneness (ZhengYi Pai ZaoWanKe)

Medical Qigong Therapy

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to treat a wide variety of conditions, teach in many places and meet a lot of interesting people. I have worked for many years with difficult cases, people who have tried other healing modalities and have not had the desired results. Specifically, I’ve worked with cancer (brain, breast, liver, bone, lung and blood) for the purpose of reducing tumors and/or managing the side-effects of chemotherapy & radiation (specifically addressing neuropathy, hair loss, nausea, lethargy), depression, transitions from prescription medication to natural medicine, diabetes types I & II, ALS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, pre & post surgery (specifically heart surgery, knee replacement, child birth, stroke, cancer procedures), Crohn’s Disease, migraine headaches, digestive disorders, allergies, asthma, gout, strokes (both flaccid and tense), high blood pressure, and more… I’ve worked mostly with adults, but have to admit that my passion is children.

I’ve visited countless hospitals providing support for patients at their most critical time, as well as house calls for those who cannot get around. My years of clinical experience have given me great insight into how to effectively apply energy medicine into real-life situations and provide much needed results for my patients. I’ve been a referral source from oncologists both in California as well as Atlanta.

With this knowledge I am now training the next generation of healers, I consider it a means to give back that which I have been blessed to receive.


I was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and lived on the island for over 25 years. I had a wonderful childhood and spent long days, weeks, months, years soaking up the sun in the Caribbean and spending plenty of time at the beach. I still strongly believe in the cleansing power of the salt water of the ocean.

My journeys have taken me to live in Miami, Italy, New York City, and California. I’ve visited so many cities around the world I sometimes forget which ones they are. Each place fills my heart with joy and wonder. In fact, one of my wishes is to be able to communicate in every language. What a way to travel the world, speaking every language!! But, I’ll have to make it happen on English, Spanish and Italian, although I am trying to learn Mandarin Chinese now -it’s going to take some time. I consider myself now a child of the world, with a deep appreciation for all life in all its many colors, flavors, textures, identities and so on.

The treasure of Life is something I value deeply. I once worked at a shelter for victims of domestic violence. During that time I met countless women and children who had endured the darkest side of humanity. It made me realize, among other things, how delicate our lives are and how unresolved issues can become extremely toxic. That experience allowed me the opportunity to take the gift of life to a different environment for people who were really crying out for help. And at the same time, it restored my own appreciation for what was given to me.

Today, my commitment is to continue to reach out to all people whose lives are challenged either by health, thoughts, emotions, other people, the environment and more. I firmly believe that through awareness we can effect real change; and that our lives would be greatly improved if we could all be more mindful of the consequences of our decisions.

If you’ve read this far, then I thank you for your time and interest, and if I can ever be of assistance to you, please feel free to contact me. ~Christina