Practice Activity 2

Remember, at the outset, frequent, short sessions are recommended rather than longer sessions. Keep the awareness fresh. One should stop one’s practice while still in a vivid state of calm abiding, so that one resumes the practice with enthusiasm and one’s practice doesn’t deteriorate.

The key instruction is to tighten a little or make slightly more effort when getting dull and to relax a little when getting too uptight or wild.

Below you will find a few questions in order for the Facilitator to gauge your understanding of the practice. Please fill out all questions and be as concise as possible.

Your facilitator will review your answers and give you feed back via email at which point you will proceed on to the next activity or practice this topic for another week. If you are cleared to move onward to the next activity just complete the quiz below!

Once cleared by your mentor, “Start Quiz” to move on